What is most helpful on this journey?


I was thinking the other day about what one thing I do or don’t do that is most helpful for me to feel most connected with myself….What helps me feel safe, grounded, and connected as an integral part of something bigger than myself?  Really, what are my essential Spiritual practices and ways I take care of myself? Well, I wasn’t able to come up with one thing because there seem to be so many essential parts of the mix for me.  So I came up with a pretty important to me for my sanity list.  Here it is:

  • sufficient water – for me this is 10 – 8 oz glasses a day.  It is absolutely amazing to me the difference I feel when getting sufficient water.  My joints feel better, my thoughts are clearer, I’m more flexible physically and mentally.
  • no refined sugar – If I eat refined sugar I get anxious, have more body pain, generally don’t handle stress as well, and am generally not a nice person to be around.
  • no grains – now this is relatively new for me – 2 months – and I’m totally amazed at how it has increased my mental clarity, physical strength, effected my self-esteem and confidence and helped me brave and courageous in situations I find myself also scared in.
  • daily yoga/meditation – this is so important for my resilience, perseverance, and helps maintain a larger perspective on life.
  • creativity – this is like oxygen to my soul – essential, not optional
  • nature infusion – I think of being outside in nature as an infusion process.  It is mysterious to me how this happens – but just being out there changes me!

Of course this isn’t an exhaustive list and tomorrow  I might remember things that are such a part of my everyday life that I don’t realize that they are optional.  I’m pleased that taking care of myself has become less of a chore and more of a joy.

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