Women Gathering


As the New Year begins I feel like I am standing on a threshold from the old to the new. I am feeling the tug on my heart to let go of the old ways of being that longs for the safety of familiarity and predictability and to risk to welcome and embrace that which leaves me vulnerable, open, and curious.

One of the opportunities I am feeling particularly called to is to provide a safe space for women to gather and nurture community. I am offering this space monthly at the time of the New Moon. The New Moon is the time of planting new seeds – letting go of what has been and setting intentions for what you want to manifest in your life; your dreams, desires, and goals. Its a great time for women to gather and support one another as we share food, stories, music, laughter, tears, and much more.

Monthly Sisterhood Moon Cycle Gathering

Friday, January 27


Here’s the scoop on the details:

  • Friday night – January 27 – 6-9pm
  • Who is invited?  Any woman who is interested in creating and being part of a community of women that will be a place of refuge, hope, and encouragement where you can find ease, peace, and receive sacred recognition as you are being your authentic self.
  • Where will we meet? – My House – 29457 Kale Court – St Joseph, MN
  • What to bring? – food to share, your journal and something to write with, any poem, song, musical instrument, or other such creativity you feel inspired to share.
  • What will happen? – There will be eating, sharing stories, laughter, silence, writing, music, tears, and more…This will be a time to gather with other wise women like yourself and be seen, heard, and loved by your sisters as well as a time to witness, honor and love your sisters.
  • The event is free, but please let me know you plan to come by going to donnacompassionatepresence.com and click on the “I’m Ready!” tab and register. Feel free to invite other women to join us.

I’m looking forward to joining you in creating this community of women of courage, power, and love!

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