Inner Journey…


Creative Breath Acrylic on Canvas by Donna Fromm

This inner work, I call the Pathway Home, is really a journey to your own heart/soul.  My experience on this pathway is filled with richness, anguish, challenge, opportunity and deep connection.  The expressive arts of dancing, storytelling, singing, and painting have been creative and powerful tools in taking me deeper on the path. My own being witnessed, heard, and seen by others, a sacred recognition,supports and encourages me on the way.

I would love to support you on your pathway home to your authentic self.  I offer compassionate presence creating a safe space where you can be seen, heard, and honored.  Expressive arts and deep compassionate presence empower you to find deeper meaning and purpose in your life.  If you are ready to go deeper, to find more meaning, to let go of old patterns and fears visit my website and tap on “I’m Ready!” to make your appointment to honor your pathway home.



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