The Sacred Space within called Home…

I often spend time in the place within my heart where I sense a deep connection with the Divine. This place of quiet, stillness, rest, and connection I call home.  It seems most accessible when I intentionally stop, breathe deeply, feel my body on the earth and become aware of my body as bridge between heaven and earth. I pay attention to what is.  Though thoughts drift in and out and I find myself following the thoughts only to be reminded to come back to the stillness. This practice of presence seems so simple that it may seem purposeless or meaningless and yet the busier my mind becomes trying hard to figure, fix, and analyze the more I realize the importance of sinking back into the stillness of  presence.

 I painted this picture a few days ago. I enjoy the layered landscape of color and find them to be vibrant and energizing, but I have been drawn in by the little white light in the inner circle.  I liken it to that place of Divine Connection within my heart, a place of light so brilliant no shape or form can be seen and there is Oneness with all.

O Brilliance of Oneness I am consumed in Light. In the simple fullness of this moment I am reduce to noticing, paying attention to what is present and finding riches untold in the very wiggle of my nostrils with the breath.                                                                                                        

Home Calling – Mixed Media on Canvas by Donna Fromm

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