Dialoguing with a Friend…


img_1528I would guess that many of you, like me, dialogue with yourself as you are moving along each day in your journey.  Sometimes I find it helpful to have these conversations aloud and often use the time I am walking with my dog to converse as we walk down the country road.  She is my companion and also stands in for whichever part of myself I am dialoguing with.

Today I was visiting with her about an internal pressure that often seems to imply that whatever I am doing it isn’t what I should be doing and/or that I’m most probably not doing what I’m doing right!

Well, I’ve been around the block enough times to know that this voice isn’t necessarily concerned about my total well-being because it is pretty much coming from a place of fear.

Fear of what?

Fear really has good intentions of keeping me safesafe from expanding, moving out of my comfort zone, being seen, or heard where it is very possible and maybe even probable I could incur pain.

I have found that whenever fear is the root of the conversation I feel pushed, irritated, frustrated, and generally uncomfortable. I have come to recognize these feelings as friends knocking on the door reminding me that I have chosen to not allow fear to be in charge of my story and that it’s time to pause, take a few deep breaths and get ready for expansion.  It is time to be seen and heard offering the gift of me to the world.

So I ask you, “How’s your dialogue going?”

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