Building Community

This week I’m thinking a lot about building community as I finish my course in expressive arts teacher training.

It’s been scientifically proven that we humans are hard wired for belonging. This need to belong can be so overpowering to the point of selling oneself  out and being who we think others want us to be in order to belong.

This kind of “belonging” based on pleasing others is nongratifying and it can produce an emptiness, shame, deep loneliness, and sadness.

How then can we belong so as to promote mental health and wellness?

Community built with honest, authentic, open hearted relationships provide safety, encouragement, support, and accountability. Love is the foundations of such community. Both self-love that believes and accepts one’s unique self as gift to the world, and love of others; respecting and honoring others as they are without judgment or intent to change.

I invite you to  join me in building community as I host a monthly gathering of women on the New Moon, February 26, 6-9pm at my house.

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