The Power of a Story

I had an interesting experience the other night when my husband was having difficulty falling asleep.  As we laid in bed in the dark of the night, I asked him if I could tell him a story.  Because of our history, I knew that it was very likely that my storytelling would facilitate his falling asleep. I know from experience as I’ve attempted to share some deep dark revelation I had been pondering for a years and finally came to the place to articulate, only to finish speaking and ask for his feedback and realize he’d been sleeping.  Hmm… I learned that lying on his back in a darkened room is not the best time to get feedback from him. At least now I don’t take this personally, but think of it as the magic and charm of my voice to relax and lull him right off to dreamland. (:


I told a magical story about a little boy named Jimmy and his adventures in the woods.  I didn’t preconceive the story I just told it spontaneously. My eyes were closed as I told the story and I could easily see in my mind’s eye the enchanted  woods, hear the rustling leaves, feel the cool breeze, and smell the apple pie baked by Jimmy’s grandmother.

When I finished I slipped into sleep dreaming about Jimmy and his grandmother.

In the morning, my husband said he had slept pretty well.  I replied that I too slept well and I was pretty sure it was because of my great story.  His response, “What story?”

I’ll share more about the power of storytelling in a future blog as I continue to find ways to articulate my deep dark revelations.


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