More Story Reflections…

The Ancestors                                                                               Back row: L to R – Uncle Rich, Aunt Rosie, Dad.                   Front Row: L to R – Gpa Bohumil, Sister Agatha, Gma Mary

I continue to reflect on the power of story.

Before there was printed word there was the oral tradition of telling stories from generation to generation.  I am realizing that the tradition of story telling from generation generation continues as we tell the stories by living them!

Stories are a vehicle for remembering who we are.  I mean not just not forgetting but also “re-membering”, like putting ourselves back to together.

I am considering the stories of my ancestors and reflecting on how I live them out.

My grandparents were immigrant farmers who knew the meaning of hard work to survive. They had strong faith, strong backs, and a fortitude to persevere and survive the hardships of drought, hail storms, and poverty.  They were not quitters!  They just didn’t give up.  They faced each day showing up, seeing their hardships as a cross to bear and a means to reap their rewards in heaven.  The theme of “all for Jesus” took on a deep understanding and conviction that even the difficult times were not wasted but could be redemptive. I come from good stock that doesn’t allow adversity to steal the show.

Hmmm I realize I too am resilient and willing to embrace the hardness and darkness of life’s challenges as opportunities for heart expansion. I am willing to work hard and push myself to attain a goal.  The stories of the ancestors live on in me.

Re-membering – pulling myself back together –

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