Learning Self-Compassion…

I am amazed how nature continues to offer wisdom, even in what seems like simple ways. There’s so much to learn if I am willing to enter into conversation.

Last fall I brought in from outside a large planter with a rather frail looking plant and placed it in the basement near a window.  I often forgot about it and rarely watered it.  It wasn’t a surprise that it wilted and appeared dead.  I cut back the stalks and because it was big and heavy and “life happens” I just left it sitting forlornly in the basement.

Recently I noticed it has sprung forth new shoots out of the soil.  I found this amazing that what appeared dead is now springing forth with new life. So today I made a decision to water it. I could really feel and almost hear the sense of great relief from the plant as I gently poured the water around the perimeter of the pot.


My lesson: so often I don’t choose to compassionately take care of my body by drinking enough water or eating healthy foods.  I try to “survive” on less than what I really need to thrive in a human body.  I live on the reserves rather than out of the abundance I can freely choose.  This longstanding pattern of forgetting that I can lovingly choose to provide my body, mind, and spirit just what it needs takes awareness, willingness, and courage to alter.  The visual of seeing these little shoots courageously coming up from the earth, leaning toward the light, shuttering with delight and sighing with relief as they graciously received the water is a wonderful image to reflect upon as I courageously intend loving self-compassion.

2 Thoughts

  1. I remember the plant in the basement. It was evidence of your energy placement at the time. I remember that it gave me compassion for you and your path. It is a wonder that it brings new life.


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