It’s Time to Push “Pause” and Rest…..


Those of you who know me know that I have always approached whatever I’ve pursued with fortitude and conviction. I’ve gone “all in” and always given it my best shot. Certainly my work ethic (thanks mom and dad) is something to be proud of, however, there is something to be said about moderation and balance.

Knowing when to pause, stop, rest, and say “No thank you!” is a VERY important aspect of a healthy balanced life. This setting healthy boundaries is fundamentally the realization and acceptance of ones limits, not as a deficit, but as a beautiful aspect of being human. I’m on to something here….being unable to stop, and always pushing on, striving even at the expense of my health is a greater indication of what???? Great pressured unrealistic expectations internalized cause constant high alert on the sympathetic nervous system and create great stress on the body. The inability to push “pause” for fear of punishment, rejection, and/or abandonment due to failure is indicative of a distorted belief that I am unworthy, must prove my worthiness and justify my “right” to exist.

For me this is an ancestral belief passed on for many generations. I remember mom (she really was a “Super Woman”) working from early morning, throughout the day, and into the evening cleaning, cooking, sewing, ironing, baking, helping with outside chores on the farm, working in the garden, and always ready to help a neighbor or family member in need. Sometimes, if she sat down, she’d say rather bewildered, “I don’t know why I’m so tired!” 😳 I now chuckle because I see and hear myself doing a modified version of this many years later.

Today I’m grateful …

  • for Awareness, the a preliminary step in change.
  • for Inner Intelligence that guides and brings inspiration and insights when I’m willing to be open and surrender to Divine unfolding….
  • I know and believe that Rest is my birthright.
  • Rest is essential to live an authentic life with integrity.

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