Let Go…Let Flow….

How to preserve beet greens long enough to eat them before they decompose? Trying many ways to preserve something that is destined to deteriorate within days….

What is there in my life that I am trying to preserve that is really ready to deteriorate?

The de-construction process is essential for further growth.  Deterioration is simply a necessary part of a creative cycle.  Perhaps it’s a process of honoring what is here now, being present with/in it, blessing it, and then letting it go, and then begin again. As simple as…..inhale….exhale….inhale….exhale…..

I’ve been noticing that hanging onto what is ready to deteriorate can be self sabotaging and very exhausting….not to mention it can get pretty messy and stinky.

What is there in my life that I am trying to preserve that is really ready to move on?


6 Thoughts

  1. For the past 5 months, I’ve been aware that I am letting go of the idea that we will “get back to normal”. The scientific evidence (which I rely on vs. the politics) clearly indicates that we must learn to embrace “a new normal”. The process is both scary and exciting, but opening my mind to embracing new ways to relate to our world and to each other is winning out! We have an opportunity to re-invent how we can live together as one family and finally learn real ways to be our sister and brother’s keeper and to truly be good stewards of our planet. May it be so! Amen!

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  2. So good to hear and be encouraged to let go. In the middle of getting pictures for Don’s birthday celebration – and I’ve certainly had to let go of perfection
    BTW – I find that beet greens can be treated like cut flowers – make a fresh cut on the bottoms and then stand them up in a tall jar or container or vase with water and put in the frig. Cut new ends every few days.

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