The Making of a New Path….

I have been observing most things in a metaphoric way lately….In our backyard this weekend my son moved the old pavers off of our patio and repurposed them for a lovely path from our house to the woods…..Dismantling the old to create the new…..

IMG_9134This morning as I sat at my desk I saw a collective of many fragments; art bursts, wisdom jottings, directives, and reminders. I realized how these are making a lovely path as well…..

I am always curious about life’s unfolding…and I’m learning to let go and let the profound process of yoga nidra’s restorative rest unravel old beliefs and ways of being that no longer serve my best interest. I have a gut feeling that as I trust and surrender to rest as a refuge there is a slow rolling simmer within me that is drawing out the flavors of the old that are no longer needed, allowing them to evaporate, and slowly infusing the new.

I am courageously trusting the gift of transformation that is dismantling the old to release, repurpose and create the new….

IMG_9135 2



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