The Retirement of an Exhausted Motherboard

I am so keyed into metaphor that I can’t let this pass without due attention to the relevancy of this poignant metaphor. The Motherboard on my computer has become exhausted and has gone into complete retirement. I am welcoming a new computer and honoring my own internal executive function’s reboot of operation.

I have been mothering over 42 years. I have given birth to 4 sweet babies,said good bye to 2 unborn babies, and the gift of beautiful grandchildren. Has there been stress, worry, sleep deprivation, unfathomable sacrifices, great joys and sorrows??? Oh yes, and more…

Motherhood is not for the weak of heart or faint of spirit. The process beginning with pregnancy which requires one to give of oneself to sustain the life of another seems to continue for a lifetime. Birthing this little human creature offers a personal empowerment ritual like no other. The tense contractions of expanding to some greater unknown and the pulling back to the comfort of the familiar are only the warm up -the prelude to the magnificent symphony ahead.

I see the metaphor of exhaustion of the executive function of the motherboard as a personal wake up call to embrace deep restorative rest, surrender illusions, the old ways of being that no longer serve my highest good, and opportunity to “reboot”and remember my intrinsic Soul purpose of life.

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