Unsustainable Pilot Light

Well, I’m standing face to face with another deliciously poignant metaphor. As the weather recently turned quite chilly it was time to turn the gas fireplace “furnace” on in the basement.

I realize I’m somewhat skittish when it comes to lighting gas pilot lights due to the memory of an unfortunate event that happened way back during childhood. Our oven at home needed the pilot lit every time it was was used. Once when it was slow in lighting, due to the extra gas released it burst into flame when it was lit by brother. He was quite a site with his bushy beard singed!

Ok, back to last week. My husband bravely attempted to light the pilot light while I stood from a distance internally cringing trying hard not to anticipate any such burst of energy (“explosion” – ooh did I really type that out loud?) After several attempts he said it would light but wouldn’t sustain the flame. We both looked at each other and shrugged and decided we’d try it again later.

So a few days later, I decided I didn’t need to be so darned afraid of this pilot light thing and I asked my husband to oversee my attempt at lighting the pilot light. I carefully read the directions and did what was required. Honestly, I admit I was a little tense and there was some “”lifting of my voice” when I was recalling which way really is counter clockwise anyway. I came up with the same outcome as last week; the pilot light wouldn’t sustain itself.

I immediately watched several UTube videos to see if I could come up with a simple solution to the problem. There were several more attempts to no avail. I resigned myself to calling our local Fireplace Dr. who is busy out on house calls for several weeks.

Lest you think we are shivering here in the house with our coats on and icicles hanging from our noses, I’ll let you know we have several sources of heat in the house and we are comfortable.

Ok, now onto the profound metaphor here. A pilot light that only stays on with its hand being held and once left alone it resigns and loses flame. The real question seems to be how to sustain the energy needed to do the work of heating the house. Its like jumpstarting a tired battery that’s unable to become charged to start again on its own.

Well, I’d say this is very similar to the way many of us are these days. Stress, overwhelm, sleep deprivation, anxiety and fear of the future depletes us and we aren’t able to maintain our energy. We are exhausted!! We keep trying to keep going but our flame can’t be sustained.

The kind of long sustained energy depletion that many of us experience- exhaustion developed over time. It certainly has been compounded by our present unknowns.

It really is time to take note and pay attention to the need for rest.

I’m so grateful that I have been engaged in a wonderful rest tool called Yoga Nidra for the past 10 months. Yoga Nidra offers deep restoration. In fact, 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is said to be equivalent to 3 hrs of regular sleep. I’m finding it to be a very simple, yet profoundly rich practice. I’m continuing with the intention of being able to sustain the flame of my energy.

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