“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”–Carl Jung

This time is like none other- so much unknown, so many deep rich heavy emotions, so much anguish, anxiety, powerlessness, and pain for everyone. We are all in the press, the fire, the pressure cooker….

We have choices…. we always have choices. Ultimately the biggest choice- “How will we respond to the moment we are in??”

How will I respond to the moment?? What do I do?? How will I be?

Often I can’t change the outside but I can change the inside. What’s happening inside of me?? That’s what really matters. Where I choose to place my attention is where energy is.

When I wake in the night unable to sleep I have choices. Will I quickly find my phone and try to distract myself to avoid the restlessness of not sleeping ? Will I begin to dance and eventually wrestle with anxiety? Will I stir around in the stew of my latest concerns? Will I come up with a plan to save the world- or at least my corner of it? Or……???

Perhaps awakening in the night is about so much more than physically awakening? What am I being given the opportunity to awaken to?

I want to awaken to the bright Soul Light within me that KNOWS love and that is all that matters❣️

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