About Donna

I grew up in a “normal” dysfunctional family like many people. There was often inner conflict within the family. I was the youngest and learned quickly to keep my eyes open and my mouth shut. I’m told that I had difficulty sleeping, cried most of the time as an infant, and the priest who baptized me was confident I would become a great singer as I cried with gusto throughout the entire ceremony. (Perhaps he was a prophet?)  I didn’t feel safe and unrest was a constant companion. I was confused and felt guilty as though things that went “wrong” were my fault. I didn’t think I was good enough and had an overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame. These initial footprints created a lifelong pattern of restlessness, needing to justify my existence by excelling and appearing perfect, being responsible for other’s feelings, and often not knowing my own emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.

Overtime, As I continued to strive, push, and make things happen.(I got really good at it!) Living in such a posture of being ready to spring into action to “fix things” so there wouldn’t be such tumult and angst around me took its toll.  I even excelled at trying to find my way out of codependency. The restlessness to do everything “right” lead to exhaustion!

So many wonderful tools I have acquired in my life quest to come back home to myself – that self of me that came here to be a free spirit creative loving and kind person. How grateful I am for creative gifts of singing, storytelling, piano playing, dancing, painting, bodywork, spirituality, and more….However, I am now so aware that it is time to rest. It is rest that awakens the Dreams within ….and I’m called to rest to support my journey.


I am an Artist, Spiritual Midwife, and Teacher called to honor, attend, and trust the process of your Soul work labor; you who long to connect with your authentic Self, hearing the call to rest to awaken your Dreams… My hope is that the synergy of our time together may be a catalyst to your embodiment of love, that we may walk together on the Pathway Home.