What is Compassionate Presence?

Compassionate presence means you have a safe space to unlock, discover, and explore your inner heart journey. I provide a space to “go deeper” without interference from the ego, inner thoughts, or noise from the outside world. Compassionate presence is the means to tap into that portal within you that leads to your deepest Divine Self.

I do this in a variety of settings: workshops, classes, and individual sessions. These are the primary principles I use:


We need to climb back into our bodies and honor them as instruments of our souls.” – Jan Phillips

We are luminous Spirits alive on this planet in the temple of our physical bodies. Our physical bodies hold the patterns, memories, and traumas of our life.  Daily life can often find us operating as though our bodies are merely the means to do what our racing mind demands.  Coming back to the awareness and honoring of our body allows us to tap into the body’s wisdom; bringing integration, balance, meaning and purpose for this life.


Creative Expression

Creativity is at the very heart of who we are.  Not only is it a pathway to the core of our connection with the Divine, it is here that we can come face to face, heart to heart with who we have been created to be.

There is no goal or pressure in regards to performing or producing the “right” art project. Within the security of a safe container there is the freedom to remember what it was like to play with abandon, bringing all of yourself to the moment.Wasting time playing with the creative arts of music, drama, visual arts, storytelling, writing, and dance provides a wonderful, wild, and insightful adventure.



We are created with a longing to belong to a community.  It is in this safe space of community that one can risk being seen and heard.  Many of us didn’t feel that safety as a child and didn’t have the opportunity to express ourselves freely as children.  Maybe we were told  we were both just too much and not enough!  How confusing that was?   We were too loud, too jumpy, too talkative, too fat, or not smart enough or not pretty enough.  It takes time to unwind the tangled threads that have wrapped us with shame and guilt. Having a safe community of women to share your story and feel heard, seen, and honored is incredibly healing.