Maternal Love

30×40 on Canvas Acrylic and Ink

Surrounded by her presence I felt the urgency to be who I came to be.
She wasn’t going to mess around anymore.

It was time to get down to the business at hand; the business of creating a world that is colored by love and kindness, compassion, patients, and tolerance for differences.

Time to wake up and take up the action of being love.


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24″x36″ Canvas

Mixed Media

After living in the darkness of muck and shame, the fire of purification comes to bring clarity of vision. Rising from this rubble a new life emerges; metamorphosis.


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Freedom In The Wind

30×40″ Canvas


Graciously she listened as the wind sang, providing music for the dance of beauty.


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New Series Arriving“Wee People”




Siting of Daily Visitation from

“Wee People”

These simple, gentle, and soft creatures have been arriving on my watercolor paper each morning.  I’m loving their visitations and want to share them with you as well.  I sense they have something in mind. I’m still learning how to listen to them.  I know they seem to create a deep calm and inner peace for me.

I will soon be offering them to you as original watercolor art.  Most of them are happily residing within the boundaries of a 5X7 white mat and some have chosen 8X10.

Watch for details soon!