I’m Ready!

Are you ready for a deeper connection to the Divine? Is it time to find clarity about who you are and what your life’s purpose is? If you are ready to dig deeper, consider these opportunities:

Individual Spiritual Companion Sessions

This 1.5 hour session is your time to be seen,heard, and honored. I offer compassionate presence, a safe space to create, and a listening heart. During a typical individual session there will be a combination of reflection, sharing, and use of expressive arts. Expressive arts are an amazing portal to the inner journey and often bypass the noisiness of our mental chatter. Physical movement, storytelling, painting without expectation of outcome provides insights, and healing.

Individual Session 1.5hr – $100

 Schedule your individual session by contacting me at donna.fromm@gmail.com



 Expressive Arts Painting Small Group Session

Do you have a small group of friends you want to share special time with? An Expressive Art group session offers the gift of sharing and witness others as well as plenty of individual time to express yourself with paint. This is not an art lesson but rather an opportunity for you to receive the gift of being witnessed as you process aspects of your life using the magic of the paint brush. It is a path back to your authentic, creative self. In this process there is no right or wrong way to paint; it’s your opportunity to show up with an open heart, and a curious mind willing to trust the process in a safe space with an experienced mentor/teacher and the the support of your friends. 

Charge $75 per person – 3 hour session.

Schedule your group session by contacting me at donna.fromm@gmail.com





Play Date

3 hours of playing with Expressive Arts – movement, story, song, visual art, silence, and community. This is a non-threatening way to de-stress and unlock the wisdom of your body as you find ease, laughter, joy, peace, in a safe and loving supportive environment.  You’ll be taking a big breath and letting out a sigh as you realize that life doesn’t have to be so hard. This  is open to individuals or bring some friends/family (groups).

Charge $50 per person – 3 hours

Schedule your play date here by contacting me at donna.fromm@gmail.com