I’m Ready!

Is it time to find clarity about what your life’s purpose is?

Rest is the foundation for a life lived with integrity. Authenticity and Soul Purpose awaken in a well rested woman.

If you are ready to dig deeper, consider these opportunities:

Individual Spiritual Midwifery Session 

This 1.5 hour virtual session is your time to be seen, heard, and honored. I offer compassionate presence, a safe space to rest, create, and play.

During a typical  session you are given a choice between the following modalities:

  • Yoga Nidra – Sharing/Reflecting followed by a directed “napping” yoga which offers deep restorative rest followed by a rest prescription
  • Expressive Arts  – Sharing/Reflecting followed by an Intuitive Art session. Expressive arts are an amazing portal to the inner journey and often bypass the noisiness of our mental chatter. Physical movement, storytelling, painting without expectation of outcome provides insights, and healing are life giving tools to help you express

Individual Session 1.5hr – $100


donna.fromm@gmail.com to schedule your session


Women’s Rest and Create Circle

Would you like to spend time with a small group of women?  An online Zoom Monthly Women’s Create Rest Circle offers the gift of sharing and witnessing others, resting during a directed yoga nidra session, as well as individual time to express yourself with intuitive art. This is your opportunity to show up with an open heart, and a curious mind willing to trust the magic that happens when women support each other in a safe space with an experienced mentor/teacher.

 2 hr Group Session – $40 or 4 sessions for $150


donna.fromm@gmail.com to sign up for the Women’s Creative Rest Circle.

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Women’s Rest Circle

This is a weekly opportunity to rest!  Nap and experience restorative rest with a virtual Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra session guided by Donna as you rest in the comfort of your own space. Yoga Nidra is a sleep based, conscious relaxation and meditation technique that offers deep restorative rest.  We begin as a group checking in followed by resting comfortable in your own space.  Each person’s camera is turned off and muted to provide for privacy.  You will then listen to the guided meditation and rest deeply.    You  will receive a recording of the meditation for your personal use.

60-90 minute Group Session – $50/month


donna.fromm@gmail.com to sign up for the Women’s Creative Rest Circle.