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Are you ready for a deeper connection to the Divine? Is it time to find clarity about who you are and what your life’s purpose is? If you are ready to dig deeper, consider these opportunities:

Individual Spiritual Companion Sessions

This 1.5 hour session is your time to be seen,heard, and honored. I offer compassionate presence, a safe space to create, and a listening heart. During a typical individual session there will be a combination of reflection, sharing, and use of expressive arts. Expressive arts are an amazing portal to the inner journey and often bypass the noisiness of our mental chatter. Physical movement, storytelling, painting without expectation of outcome provides insights, and healing.

Individual Session 1.5hr – $100
Monday and Tuesday (9AM-8PM)

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 Expressive Arts Painting Small Group Session

Small group time to share and witness others as well as plenty of individual time to express yourself with paint. This is not an art lesson but rather an opportunity for you to receive the gift of being witnessed as you process your life using the magic of the paint brush. It is a path back to your authentic, creative self. In this process there is no right or wrong way to paint; it’s just you, your materials and a willingness to show up with an open heart, a curious mind and a willingness to trust the process…

Charge $75 per person – 3 hour session.

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 Expressive Arts Workshop

Are you ready to enjoy the playful fun of movement, story, song, silence, painting, and community?  All that is needed is the willingness to be present bringing all that you are; good, bad, and ugly. Experience the joy of creative freedom; meet new friends, laugh, find ease,and unlock the wisdom of your body.

Charge $150 per person  – 6 hour session

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Play Date

3 hours of playing with Expressive Arts – movement, story, song, visual art, silence, and community. This is a non-threatening way to de-stress and unlock the wisdom of your body as you gather with others to find ease, laughter, joy, peace, in a safe and loving supportive circle of friends.  You’ll be taking a big breath and letting out a sigh as you realize that life doesn’t have to be so hard. This group is open to everyone; men, women, and kids.

Charge $40 per person – 3 hours

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Women’s Expressive Arts Retreat

Enjoy time and space away from your busy life to relax and rejuvenate on this playful, fun, and meaningful 2 nights, 2 days Expressive Arts Retreat. A supportive community is built in a safe and Sacred space as we share our stories, sing, paint, move our bodies, pause, and play.  No pressure to achieve, or worries to fit in.  You’ll be amazed how great you feel as you open your heart to share and connect with other wise women,  I promise you’ll laugh, find love and acceptance, and experience the magic of Sisterhood. (Up to 10 women)


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Finding Your Pathway Home 

A virtual opportunity to go deeper, be serious about loving and taking care of yourself and build community in a strong Sisterhood of Strong Wise Women.

Do you long to be seen and heard and to belong and be an important member of a community of sisters that love and support you? Do you want to find greater meaning in life?  Do you want to find more ease, joy, and fun?

This is a 6 month commitment to a community of 10 women who are exploring and honoring their own personal path. These are women like you, who are creative and longing to be supported and encouraged, to be heard and seen as we each explore and honor our personal path. This is an opportunity to get the love and support you need to grow in self-love and take seriously your call to be you!

You will receive:

  • Weekly video – sharing some self care/spiritual practice and encouraging you to dive deep and go for the gold. This will include movement, storytelling, meditation, visual arts, music, and a whole lot of fun.
  • Daily encouragement from me – via text, email, or video
  • Individual session monthly with me where you will be seen and heard – in person, phone or virtual
  • Group Membership in the Sisterhood of Strong, Wise Women finding the Pathway Home. Here you can experience the ongoing love and support of authentic, creative, and wise women via a Forum group.
  • Bi-Monthly group video call – It’s fun to see and hear each other as we connect and grow in our sisterhood community.
  •  3 night/4 day Retreat – coming together to one geographic location to both honor and celebrating our 6 months together. This will be an amazing time to be infused with love, ask for what you need, find rest, and be invigorated to go home with new hope.

Price $750 plus cost of retreat. (yet to be determined)

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Monthly Sisterhood Moon Cycle Gathering

This is a joyful 3 hour gathering of creative women like you who want to pause to honor the New Moon and the possibilities of new beginnings each month. The New Moon is a wonderful time to release the old and prepare to receive the new.  This gathering includes a pot luck meal, New Moon Ritual including but not limited to fire (if weather permits), stories, music, art, and lots of fun and laughter.

Charge $30 – 3 hours – 6-9pm

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